Spent grain as animal feed

Biograin safely and reliably handles large quantities of wet spent grain daily from beer production, to be included as a valuable ingredient in animal feed.

Feed analysis for cattle feed

Spent grain as animal feed.

Ref. values
Raw grain
% dry matter
Crude ash
Crude fat, acid hydrolysis
Wood dust
Raw protein
EFOS cattle
FEK pr. 100kg
Nitrogen‐free extract

Biogrian Feed

Masken håndteres gennem vores virksomhed Biograin FEED, der er et datterselskab til Biograin C-Mask, hvor al produktudvikling af sidestrømme er henlagt.

For our many milk producing partners, it is crucial that we can deliver a steady and sustainable stream of feed as possible.

That's why we keep our finger on the pulse 24/7, and have a close partnership with our clients. We closely monitor their production, flow, stores and more.

Det hele er bundet op på et kvalitetsstyringssystem med 100% sporbarhed.

The grain is charged based on the dry matter content.


We work purposefully to ensure the handling of the large volumes of spent grain in the best possible way for both breweries, farmers and the food industry.

Upcycling of as much spent grain as possible can only be done with a solid effort from both camps and a good knowledge of the wishes and needs of the agricultural industry.

Therefore, we enter into long-term strategic partnerships with breweries, which ensures we can sell spent grain as animal feed to agriculture and stabilised spent grain as Biograin to the food industry without the breweries being disturbed in any way in their production.

I dag håndtere vi alt mask fra Carlsberg Danmark, Carlsberg Sverige, Albani.

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We get the most out of spent grain, with the lowest use of energy

We do this by, among other things, using the spent grain wet, as well as stabilising it against pathogenic bacteria from start to finish.

Biograin is the natural and most climate-friendly choice.

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