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Are you curious to hear more about our work, are you interested in a dialogue about the possibilities of increasing the value of your bi-product, or would you like a talk about the possibilities of using our Biograin as an ingredient in your food production, please contact us by mail or phone.

We are also happy to assist with ideas and technical support to both breweries and spent grain recipients for the implementation of process equipment for handling spent grain for human food.

Lars Olofsson
Director, Partner
Tel: 0045 2087 6070[email protected]
Geo Østergaard
Procurement, Partner
Tel: 0045 4137 8000[email protected]
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We get the most out of spent grain, with the lowest use of energy

We do this by, among other things, using the spent grain wet, as well as stabilising it against pathogenic bacteria from start to finish.

Biograin is the natural and most climate-friendly choice.

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